Covid seems to have thrown many of us into an increased need for meaning in our lives. We crave stories about what is happening. Science has come in almost as a religion to reassure us. Others think of it as a plot engineered by secret cults, big corporations or simply the top elites. The story I prefer is that it can be seen as part of a balancing process which can be personified as the goddess Equalia. She/it/they are giving us hundreds of messages. I am going to explore some of these which have helped me and some others.

As a psychotherapist I can look at what humanity is going through as a kind of nervous breakdown. Equalia is showing us that for both internal and external balance the previously supressed inequalities such as structural racism, sexism, classism etc. must be brought to the surface. As in therapy, these layers of often unconscious hierarchies, usually covered with a veneer of politeness, have to be faced, before the deeper layers of love and rational anger in the core of ourselves can be authentically expressed.