Double HelixMultidimensional rhythms

This Double Helix represents the DNA that is in ALL living things, so feels like a fitting symbol for a left wing equalising spirituality. During the 2004 Greek Olympics the double helix stood high and proud at the end where a cross or flag might once have been. This was my inspiration. The other picture shows the same winding, spiralling shapes but in many dimensions with 2 heads emerging from the dance.

Since Brexit, the left have been in a soul searching mode. ‘Where did we go wrong?’ There have many theories and feelings expressed, but little about our need for a more passionate spiritual vision. The right have often been cleverer at using emotions and even the spiritual for nationalistic ends. The left is more internationalist but does share a deep belief in equality. Many today are against all kinds of hierarchies, while others work primarily towards greater fairness and less economic inequality. But we all agree on the need for more equality. However I don’t believe that ‘equalising’ in its deepest sense is only a materialistic idea, it can also be spiritual. ‘Spirituality’ is a word rarely used by the left. Perhaps this is partly because it has so many meanings, ranging from being compassionate and kind to actually attuning to the unseen equalising forces in nature as yet not understood by science.

Many people these days define themselves as spiritual but not religious. Yet much of the left’s spiritually minded discusions and actions come from mainstream patriarchal religions. We have the charismatic Rabbi Michael Lerner in the US and the Christian Quakers etc. But maybe the time has come for a specifically left wing spirituality. I hope to sow the seeds for this and start a conversation on 26th.Sept. at Conway Hall.

Last night(July5th) I went to a very inspiring Progressive Alliance meeting at the Emanuel Centre in Pimlico. It was organised by Compass who spoke about compassion and the need for shared visions. There were left labour MPs, Greens (Caroline Lucas),Lib Dems, street activists, Journalists ( John Harris of the Guardian arguing against looking down on Brexisteers).  Finding commonalities seems to be the key. If we don’t get together soon the right will rise further. Our spiritual vision can be global while honouring the sacredness of different cultures and bits of land, or trees or our bodies. But no land or person or tree is superior to any other. Vertical thinking needs to disolve into horizontalism and multi dimensional dancing opposites (see above pic).

More info on the Sept.26th. event on my web site