In his history of the world tv series Andrew Marr last week described the 20th. Century as THE AGE OF EXTREMES. Is it ridiculously optimistic to think that the 21st Century could be THE AGE OF EQUALIZING? There does seem to be a surge of concern about inequality from China to the US. Economic inequalities are the most blatent and obscene. But there are many other kinds including the unconcious hierarchies that affect our everyday lives despite our best intentions. We look up to or down on people without knowing we are doing it. Hierarchies are like the very air we breathe or water we swim in. They are just there.

I recently told a therapist friend that I felt that she had looked down on me because I had a different approach to the work. Being a good leftie she was shocked, but had the grace to look honestly into herself and admit it was true. How rare is that!  It actually deepened our friendship. But we don’t want go around making people feel guilty or defensive. Equalising needs to be a positive alternative not in the rigid dogmatic way of the old communist parties. But instead it can be a joyful, relaxing path of being in the flow. The flow equalises opposites in the dance of life while hierarchies divide and rule. We can honour the equalising forces in nature as others might honour God.  Physicists assume symetry at the smallest levels of matter. Mathematicians have the equals sign for their equations.

The beauty of this path is that while helping oneself feel more free and fulfilled we are also attuning more deeply to what equalising is needed externally in society and in the planet.

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